Friday, 29 July 2005

Motivation (1)

IT Developers Motivation - Introduction

Introduction. The following document is a proposal to provide how to motivate IT developers of IT companies according to some sort of scientific thinking, where companies began to apply new management-concepts like PMP, CMM, CMMI and ITIL that yields to a gap among PMs (Project Managers), FMs (Functional Managers) and Developers.

Clearly, the developers got frustrated because they feel no career-path to progress except to be a PM. After long investigation in that problem depending on PSP-knowledge, some articles and some books I wrote that nice proposal.

However, I believe in motivation to be the way of winning software business. Motivation is the fundamental of Quality, Discipline and Commitment confidentiality.

Developers is the cor eof IT companies. They are the engines which needs fuel, oil and some sort of electric charges to start working and to perform well, so the following proposal will discuss how to motivate peoples (specially developers) to become (all of us) winners.

“Motivated people need an environment that reinforces their motivation and creates opportunities to succeed. That’s where the IT Manager comes in. He must facilitate motivation”, said {Mike Sisco, IT Staff Motivation and Development }.

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