Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Motivation (3)

IT Developers Motivation - Frustrated Employees

Frustrated Employees: Feeling a part of something bigger than yourself is very gratifying. Feeling good about yourself is an essential part of staying motivated. There are things that a manager can do to create an environment conducive to high productivity and that reinforce one’s self-motivation.

You, 'manager', how long has it been since you took a long hard look at your staff and assessed what you have? Sure, you are probably saying, “I assess them every day.”. That’s not what I mean. Ask yourself, “Have I ever really stopped to take a close, introspective look at my team and to analyze their individual strengths, weaknesses, desires, goals, and needs?”

In reality, most of employs want to educate themselves to apply what they educated into the company. Few of them can do that because they lack to company support, real managed support, they are educated what they really will not used or they are educated in hard time (crises mode) there for they can’t gain the expected benefits from what they were educated.

Employs working in old projects carry all mistakes and defects of that project, the old ones as well as the new ones, the old projects are very complicated and fill of special cases and have no documents at all, but managers don’t know that, they think they know every thing but they don’t!

Employs come to the company from 8:00AM to 5:30PM, no time to enjoy themselves no time to play sports no time to visit their relatives, and will be bunched for 10 minutes late, even no way to feel a warm feel toward other colleagues in a celebration or in a review meeting for example.

Employs that try to help others feel frustrated because those types of work not a profit one and hence not valuable in the final evaluation, so you can see individual work not teamwork.

Employs come to the company every day and do the same job, the department the chair the PC the managers … every thing is the same, even the news of the company seems to be company secrets and employs don’t hear about.

Employs wait for the bounce more than 7 months and they listen from time to time that they may not take it, bounce was very intensive issue for the people and destroying this issue will cause a lot of troubles for employs and for the organization itself.

It seems that salary is the only motivator that employee can take in our organizations; even this becomes frustrated issue because other companies gives more.

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