Thursday, 28 July 2005

Motivation (2)

IT Developers Motivation - Software Management Principles

Software Management Principles: To manage software-intensive business, you must observe three management principles.

Principle number one: Recognize that you are in the
software business

Nowadays software plays a pivotal role in most operations. Where, software schedule delays affect product delivery dates, and product delivery dates drive cost, revenue and profit. Unless you can manage revenue and profit, you can’t manage software, and then you might not even be able to manage your business.

Principle number two: Quality must be the top priority
In software work, quality problems overwhelm everything else. Quality is critical, and when quality is not managed, entire software projects are unmanaged. There are known ways to manage software quality, but they require proper training and disciplined engineering methods. The key need is for you to make a commitment to quality. You must make software quality the top priority.

Principle number three: Quality Software Is Developed by Disciplined and Motivated People
You can’t run an effective software operation without disciplined and motivated people. Software development is intellectual work, and undisciplined and unmotivated people can’t timely or predictable intellectual work. Your people must be personally committed to their work. Quality work is not done by accident, it I done only by skilled and motivated people.

These are the basic principles for managing software work. While they seem obvious, they are not simple. If you fail to follow any one of these principles, you can’t have a productive or effective software operation.

Every person is more motivated when he believes he knows how to do the job well and when positive results are achieved.

Winners are motivated!!

Yes, winners are truly motivated. “It’s easy to be motivated when you are winning”, you say. To an extent that’s true but it’s hard work to be a winner. Some people don’t like to work hard and are actually motivated to avoid doing what it takes to win.

Let’s put it another way. Lee Trevino, one of the great golfers of our time once said something to the effect, “The more I practice the luckier I get, , ,”. Read between the lines and it is apparent that Lee attributed his “luck” to hard work.Winning is an environment that helps motivate others. Rule number one is to identify ways for each member of your team to win.

We have all heard the term “win-win”. It’s a great concept to keep in the back of your mind always. For you to win as the manager of an IT organization, it requires your employees to have successes.When they win, you win. Take it a step further and add the client. Before you win, your employees must succeed in helping your client win.

Winning is great. We are all here to succeed and to win. Creating an environment that creates successes and expectations that the team will succeed is a vital part of developing a highly motivated staff.

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