Friday, 22 July 2005

Motivation (8)

IT Developers Motivation - Personal evaluation

Let Them Take Some Fun With You: Having fun is very important. The organization will have more fun if the manager leads the way. To a certain extent, your employees will find a way to have fun with or without you, but it’s going to be more fun if their manager supports, even leads the way.

There are any number of ways that you can create an atmosphere of fun, reward, and appreciation. That is a healthy environment to work in. Do this and your employees will think you are the greatest manager they have ever had. And guess what, , , you probably will be.

Here you can see some examples of having fun, but you should not need too much help to develop a few ideas of your own.

§ Take employees to lunch for a roundtable discussion
§ Have an offsite meeting on a houseboat and spend the afternoon having fun.
§ Buy the staff drinks after work one day.
§ Show a motivational film at a meeting.
§ Hang a rubber chicken above the employee’s cube that makes the biggest mistake in a month. Managers are not exempted.
§ Have a contest and take the winners to a ball game.

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